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    laser ablation

    September 15, 2022

    Varicose Veins Treatment (Interventional Radiology)

    In the past, the main therapeutic option for varicose veins of the lower limbs (when caused by reflux of the saphenous veins) was the surgical removal of the pathological saphenous vein and associated varicose veins (commonly known as saphenous stripping or saphenectomy). Today, the method of first choice for the treatment of reflux saphenous veins is the termal ablation of these vessels as opposed to their surgical removal, with an equally high success rate (about 85% after 5 years), but with a much faster recovery, less peri-procedural pain, fewer complications and better aesthetic results.

    At Albufeira Health Institute ® we use a minimally invasive protocol that does not require general anesthesia / sedation or hospitalization (you go home the same day and are ready to return to work the next day):

    1. We use a highly precise and ultrasound-guided method of local anesthesia, which allows us to eliminate the need for intravenous sedation, making this procedure even safer.
    2. Saphenous veins are treated by laser ablation and smaller varicose veins by injection of a sclerosing agent, both under ultrasound guidance.

    All varicose vein procedures are preceded by an Interventional Radiology consultation where your varicose veins are evaluated not only clinically but also by ultrasound Doppler scan in order to establish the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

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